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The Highest CBD and CBG Delivery For The Ultimate Smokewell Experience!


The Ultimate Experience

Grown on the perfect soil, with the perfect genetics, and with deepest care, the SmokeWell brand is synonymous with smokeable hemp flower for one reason: It's the Ultimate Experience!

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High CBG SmokeWell Hemp Flower?

SmokeWell Gold is Organically Grown & is the Gold Standard for smokeable hemp flower. With third-party testing bringing in CBD content at 21%+ and CBG content at 0.94% this is THE highest quality product in this category on the market today! And with THC content lower than 0.1% (MUCH lower than the federal guidlines of 0.3%), you never have to worry about an unwanted high, a headache or a false test!

Third Party Test Results

Each batch of our flower is hand harvested and then tested to meet the highest standards in the industry!

Frequently Asked Questions

Smokeable hemp flower is a specific strain and type of hemp that is ideal for CBD and CBG delivery through smoking. As opposed to cannabis, smokeable hemp doesn't cause a 'high', and doesn't have noticeable amounts of THC (the psychoactive component in cannabis) while still having as much or greater CBG/CBD content than cannabis.
SmokeWell is grown on our own farms, with our own genetics, and with the highest standards. This ensures SmokeWell is the highest net CBD and CBG hemp flower on the market! Each unit is hand-prepared to make sure you get the perfect smoke everytime, and preserves the utmost health benefits.
Absolutely not! SmokeWell Gold has lower THC content than almost any CBD products on the market. The federal limit for THC is 0.3% per unit while SmokeWell comes in at below 0.1% on every batch produced.
We have received countless reports of tobacco smokers replacing cigarettes entirely with the SmokeWell flower. This is due to the unique effects of cannabidols on brain chemistry that help quickly overcome previous addictions, and the physical 'act' of smoking that satisfies the urge at the same time. We are currently conducting an informal study and will help share more guidelines on this soon in the coming weeks.
Because we are not a third party provider. We ARE the source. We grow the hemp, we own the land, we process it with our staff internally. We do this to get you the best quality product, at the lowest prices!